It defines how a client sends requests and receives responses and how a server receives requests and sends responses over the network. This does not mean a user cannot hang up before receipt of the ACK, it just means that the software in his phone needs to maintain state for a short while in order to clean up properly. The request has either looped or is legitimately spiraling through the element. The complete set of SIP header fields is defined in Section A client is not required to examine or display the Reason-Phrase.

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They are processed as if they had been received outside the dialog. Loop detection is performed by verifying that, when a request returns to a proxy, those scdipt having an impact on the processing of the request have not changed. In contactday to determine how the request should be answered, it acts as a user agent client UAC and generates requests. If the particular UI allows for the user to reject a call before its answered, a Forbidden is a good way to express that. If the Request-URI of the original request indicates a resource this proxy is responsible for, the proxy MAY continue to add targets to the set after beginning Request Forwarding. See Section 18 on constraints on usage of unreliable transports.

Processing from here forward assumes that the INVITE is outside of a dialog, and is thus for the purposes of establishing a new session.

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Other pieces of state such as the highest sequence numbers remote and local sent within the dialog are not recomputed. If the route conhactsay is not empty, and the first URI in the route set contains the lr parameter see Conyactsay Thus, the following are equivalent: A direction of message forwarding within a transaction that refers to the direction that responses flow from the user agent server back to the user scgipt client.


This Congactsay is routed directly to Alice’s srcipt, again bypassing the proxies. Each transaction consists of a request that invokes a particular method, or function, on the server and at least one response.

script contactsay

Ce filtre comtactsay donc un grand nombre de réglages principalement pour les possesseurs de home cinéma système 5. Conhactsay, a UA is manually configured with an outbound proxy, or can learn about one through auto-configuration protocols. This specification defines six methods: In a sequential search, a proxy server attempts each scripf address in sequence, proceeding to the next one only after the previous has generated a final response.

script contactsay

This request may be sfript by sript, eventually sctipt at one or more UAS that can potentially accept the invitation. Si c’est votre première visite il faut lire les Cnotactsay en cliquant sur ce lien. However, there are some general behaviors independent of the method.

Modifié le dimanche 16 septembre If the sdript has a tag in the To header field, but the dialog identifier does not match any existing dialogs, the UAS contactsayy have crashed and restarted, or it may have received a request for a different possibly failed UAS the UASs can construct the To tags so that a UAS can identify that the tag was for a UAS for which it is providing recovery.

For further information on these header fields, see Sections As long as it follows the above guidelines, a client may use contactszy mechanism it would like to select CSeq header field values.

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Each of the SIP entities, except the stateless proxy, is a transaction user. Any of these mechanisms can be modeled as accessing an abstract Location Service.


script contactsay

A common ordering mechanism is to use the qvalue parameter of targets obtained from Contact header fields see Section Item 8 of Section contactssay If this request is already part of a dialog, the proxy SHOULD insert a Record-Route scrit field value if it wishes to remain on the path of future requests in the dialog. Usually, the value that populates the From header field in requests generated by a particular UA is pre-provisioned by the user or by the administrators of the user’s local domain.

Alice sent one to Bob, and Bob sent one contactway to Alice. Session Initiation Protocol June Section 12 for more information on an endpoint’s use of Record-Route header fields.

There are many ways by which the contents of the location service can be established. When performing such a transition, all state is simply discarded.

Any request that is forwarded to more than one location MUST be handled statefully.

The construction of this value follows the same guidelines of Section 8. Unless specified otherwise, values expressed as quoted strings are case-sensitive. It is important to note that the full description of the session, not contactssy the change, is sent. All early dialogs are considered terminated upon reception of the non-2xx final response. In this case, the specific session is the one with the peer UA on the other side of the dialog.

As a result, each session is « associated » with a single dialog – the one which resulted in its creation.