An ideal way to ensure that you get your daily portion of Superfoods is by adding Greens powders to your diet. With a few teaspoons of this powder, your body is treated in a simple way to all the vitamins and minerals that you need every day to feel healthy and fit.

What are Green’s powders

According to Hanka Billy, Greens powders are Superfoods in concentrated powder form, and are a practical alternative for those who want to consume a large amount of Superfoods every day but do not always have the opportunity to prepare them fresh. With Greens powders you clean the blood, you promote bowel movements, strengthen the immune system and give yourself an energy boost. This is because this powerful dietary supplement has a high content of phytonutrients and contains many vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, chlorella, vegetable fibers and spirulina. Greens powders are made from concentrated Superfoods from wheatgrass, algae, green tea extract, blueberry, licorice, milk thistle and dunaliella.

With Greens powders you can give yourself a healthy ‘boost’ at any time of the day

If you have a busy life and are often on the road it is not always easy to eat enough fresh organic vegetables and Superfoods, while that is very important for your health. With Greens powders you can solve that problem a bit, because because it is sold in powder form, you can easily put a jar of Greens powders in your bag. Then you can add a scoop of Greens powders to your favorite juice or smoothie, even if you are eating out. Every scoop of Greens powders is good for about five servings of vegetables, so you can treat yourself to a lot of extra healthy nutrients at any time of the day.

Of course it is important that if you take Greens powders you also want a healthy diet full of fresh, organic vegetables. If your sickening diet such as soft drinks, cereals, processed foods, fast food, milk, cereal, fried food and snack bars continues to eat then the effect of Greens powders is virtually nil, because your body simply gets too many harmful substances in which the Greens powders do not washed against it.

Why Greens help powders lose weight

Greens powders make you feel fuller for longer and your metabolism becomes more stable. Greens powders also provide your body with all the nutrients that it demands every day, so that you are less likely to suffer from cravings and therefore better able to keep your diet healthy. If you take Greens powders in combination with healthy, balanced meals your body will also be better able to absorb carbohydrates evenly and burn them as energy, and it will have less of a tendency to store them as fat. This ensures that your blood sugar stays in better balance, so you get hungry less quickly. However, Greens powders are not a panacea and do not help you lose weight if you continue to have an unhealthy diet.

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