How To Dress If You Have A Narrow Physique

It is important to dress to your physique . If you have a narrower construction, you can often encounter problems when choosing the right clothes. For example, it can happen regularly that a t-shirt or jeans does not fit well with your body. We give tips on how you, as a thin man, can look broader.

There are other ‘rules’ for men with a narrow physique than for men who are somewhat broader. A man who is not blessed with broad shoulders or many muscles must have the optical illusion. Clothing should contribute to making your body appear wider.

Choose slim fit

What should thin men absolutely not do? Wear clothing that makes them look even smaller. The trend in which everything is tight, including the skinny jeans, does not contribute to the masking of your physical. Go instead of the tight variants for the slightly larger fit and go for a slim or straight fit. This fit is more forgiving because it accentuates your body less. In this way you create the illusion of a broader construction. Do not go totally the other way with buying oversized sweaters, but choose a middle way that suits you. Which clothing is suitable? All your clothes are suitable for this and this also makes it the easiest change. A black jeans together with a white t-shirt under a blue denim shirt creates a nonchalant look with more grip. Ideal for spring.

Wear Layers

Less muscular men are best off when they wear multiple layers. After all, layers ensure that you have more clothes and thus come across more broadly. There is also the possibility to play with materials and patterns to give your outfit more depth. Keep it limited to two or three layers, because you do not want to look like someone who makes a trip through Siberia. The most suitable garments are also easy to combine with each other. Instead of wearing only a shirt, you can now wear a brown sweater. Together with a peacoat or safari jacket and jeans you make sure there are subtle differences in the outfit. Leather loafers serve as icing on the cake of this formal look.

Go for Symmetry

Symmetry is all the more important in men who do not have a body that was beaten by a sculptor from a rock. That applies to 99% of men. Every person is different and it may well occur that your upper body is more muscular than your chassis or vice versa. This difference can be made smaller by creating a harmony between the different parts in your outfit. With thin legs it is wise to wear loose-fitting jeans and a tighter sweater and jacket. That way you bring the two parts closer together and do not place the focus where you do not want it. Dark colors such as navy and black lend themselves extremely well. Moreover, these shades are very versatile and therefore easy to combine in all kinds of looks.

Choose for a hold in your Suit

A suit can contribute to how you show yourself to the outside world. Suits are increasingly being manufactured in the Neapolitan way. This means that less and less structure is added to a suit to create a nonchalant look. In addition, the Italians are known for a fit that is a lot tighter than those of other countries. What does this mean for you? Avoid these types of suits as they are closer to the body than is good for you. More structure in a suit, so a broader lapel and larger waist ensure more optical width. This is mainly reflected in English suits, so take an example here. For the spring and the approaching summer, a pack in light brown is a good alternative to the conventional suits. Wear a white shirt and dark brown derbies here and you are ready to go.

Clothing makes the man and that shows again. It can work to your advantage if you know how to use it. There are also other aspects that you can look out for when putting on your clothes in the morning. The matching clothes on your skin color is something that makes you a lot more coming for the day.

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