Removal of gynecomastia – if conservative treatment fails

Removal of gynecomastia – or to do surgery? Expert advice can give a doctor. Usually (if there is no indication for emergency surgery) adhere to such tactics: the surgery is performed in the case of failure of conservative treatment. If the iron has increased significantly, it makes sense to simultaneously carry out the surgery because it is unlikely to be reduced by conservative treatment.

In some cases, gynecomastia surgery shows

Gynecomastia – the increase in breast cancer in men. Gynecomastia can be true (growing glandular tissue), false (adipose tissue grows with general obesity), and mixed. Usually gynecomastia occurs in teenagers on a background of hormonal disorders Hormonal disorders – oversupply and a lack of equally dangerous Hormonal disorders – oversupply and a lack of equally dangerous
and self-giving. But sometimes gynecomastia in adolescents is persistent in nature, in which case it is treated, and if they do not give in to conservative treatment, surgery is appointed.

Sometimes breast cancer in teenagers from the beginning increases to large sizes. In this case, many experts advise to carry out the operation because they believe that too much gynecomastia does not deteriorate. Remove the breast in gynecomastia in adult men, especially surgery such as opportunity with cosmetic purposes.

Which activities are performed with gynecomastia

Surgery for Gynecomastia

It is to remove breast tissue and the physiological recovery circuit. When false gynecomastia False gynecomastia – a consequence of obesity False gynecomastia – a consequence of obesity. Sometimes very small amount of suction fat – such surgery becomes liposuction. But independent value, this act virtually none, because after the surface of breast cancer is usually uneven, bumpy.

Some types of gynecomastia require a reduction of excess skin and moving the nipple upwards, and thus scarcely visible scar around the nipple. Common liposuction is combined with breast removal surgery, excess skin (if available) and moving the nipple. Ideally, it takes place in the case where the endoscopic approach – a few minor incisions (usually in the axillary region), through which surgical instruments are inserted and removed breast tissue. Fat deposits are removed at the same time using liposuction.

But on the very breast enlargement endoskopicheky method will not work – make routine operation. In order to prevent the development of gross (including bright pink, keloid) scars, cuts are performed on the lower edge of the areola (the areola) or in the armpit area.

After the surgery the wound laid cosmetic joints (usually with a bioresorbable material, but sometimes using conventional suture), special drainage, a sterile dressing and wear special pressure bandages.

The operation is usually an occasion under general anesthesia, but if the volume of transactions performed can only perform a small or liposuction and local anesthesia.