You want to lose weight quickly in a week, but not at the expense of your health? This is a combination that is actually not possible . I say ‘actually’, because it is unhealthy to lose more than 2 kilos a week. And honestly, lose 2 kilos in a week’s time, you probably will not find weight loss.

I will tell you why you can not lose weight faster in a healthy way and how you can quickly lose weight in a week.


Nowadays everything has to be done quickly. So even if you think you want to lose a few pounds, you would rather have finished that job today than tomorrow.

Then go to yourself why you suddenly want to lose weight and previously not really. Maybe you have a wedding, or are you going to the sun on holiday? That actually means that you were not satisfied with your weight before. Now that you have an extra reason to want to lose weight, that can just be the deciding factor that you want to do something about it.

It is of course very good that you now have the motivation to lose weight, but would not it be a shame that when that beach holiday or wedding is back on, you just continue with your lifestyle as before ? In this way the problem will soon return and you will soon lose weight again in a week’s time.


When you want to lose weight quickly and often in a week’s time, chances are you will take a lot of things wrong . You may be exercising very hard, eating too little and you are very strict about yourself. You will then have little energy left at the end of the week, which of course is a shame if at that moment you are planning on what you would like to be at your best.

The question here is, of course, what do you think is most important: to be thinner, but because of this, it is lifeless, or (almost) the same weight but full of energy?

I hope your answer is the same as mine. I think it is more important to be full of energy and certainly not to damage my health. That way you also look much nicer ?


Fortunately there is a way whereby you to quickly lose weight in a week still bursting with energy and yet you lost a few kilos. This will not be more than 2 kilos, but this also happens in a healthy way.

Because like all applying these tips, you will find that your daily routines may significantly be modified. It will therefore take some effort, but this is absolutely worth it. Once you are used to these routines, a second week (or longer) is much easier than the first week.


The tips that you have just read are of course only a few for a week. Hopefully you understand that if you are overweight, you should follow the tips from this article more than just a few weeks. Even if you want to be permanently slim, you will have to make permanent changes to your lifestyle.

How to do Reverse pushups

The classic Pushup, performed by Olympic athletes and recreational fitness fans alike, works the muscles of the chest, arms and shoulders without the need for exercise equipment. In contrast, reverse pushups work the opposing muscles and can help balance your upper body muscles. Reverse pushups, also known as body rows or reverse rows, are so-called because they look regular pushups but with your body positioned in reverse. Reverse pushups require nothing more than a sturdy bar that is set to hip height. They are done with your chest up and your feet on the ground.

Before performing reverse pushups, or any other requirement exercise, make sure you prepare your body and mind by warming up. Take a few minutes of light heart followed by some dynamic stretching and mobility exercises focus on your arms, shoulders and back. Make sure the bar you use is strong enough to support your weight a lot because it fails to fall and land on your back.

Lie on your back under a sturdy horizontal bar, such as a bar in a squat rack or a Smith machine. The bar must be set at a distance. Reach and grab the bar with a hand, shoulder width grip. Expand your legs and, with straight arms, lift your hips off the floor so your body is latch-straight – it’s your starting position. Keep your legs, buttocks and core tight and bend your arms. Inhale and pull your chest until lightly touch the bar. Keep your wrist straight and guide your elbows to the stress on your muscles and hold off your joints. Slowly exhale and expand your arms to return to the starting position and then repeat. Do not relax between repetitions, but instead keep your body upright and tight.

The reverse Pushup is not just the mirror image of a regular Pushup, it also uses the opposite muscles. Regular pushups target your pectoralis major, anterior deltoids, triceps, chest muscles and muscles on the front of your shoulders. Reverse pushups work your middle trapezius and rhomboids, latissimus dorsi, posterior Deltoids and biceps. These are the muscles on your upper back, side back, behind shoulders and upper arms. Working the muscles of the back can help prevent and even correct poor posture.

There are several variations of the reverse Pushup. To facilitate this exercise, bend your legs to reduce the amount of weight on your arms or raise the bar to increase the inclination of your body. To make the exercise more demanding, raise your feet to a more horizontal body position, wear a weighed outfit or carefully rest a weight plate on your stomach. The choice of a wider grip also makes this exercise more demanding. You can also do reverse pushups using a gymnastic ring-like device called a suspension coach.

Choose the number of repetitions you perform from this exercise according to your educational goals. For power, perform sets 1-5 repetitions. For muscle growth, perform sex from six to 12, and for muscle endurance, perform sets from 13 to 20. Adjust the number of sets – which is a group of repetitions – to reflect your current fitness level. One to two sets are enough for beginners, and three to five sets work for more advanced stock options. always stop your set before breaking your technique since poor technique can lead to injury.


An ideal way to ensure that you get your daily portion of Superfoods is by adding Greens powders to your diet. With a few teaspoons of this powder, your body is treated in a simple way to all the vitamins and minerals that you need every day to feel healthy and fit.

What are Green’s powders

According to Hanka Billy, Greens powders are Superfoods in concentrated powder form, and are a practical alternative for those who want to consume a large amount of Superfoods every day but do not always have the opportunity to prepare them fresh. With Greens powders you clean the blood, you promote bowel movements, strengthen the immune system and give yourself an energy boost. This is because this powerful dietary supplement has a high content of phytonutrients and contains many vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, chlorella, vegetable fibers and spirulina. Greens powders are made from concentrated Superfoods from wheatgrass, algae, green tea extract, blueberry, licorice, milk thistle and dunaliella.

With Greens powders you can give yourself a healthy ‘boost’ at any time of the day

If you have a busy life and are often on the road it is not always easy to eat enough fresh organic vegetables and Superfoods, while that is very important for your health. With Greens powders you can solve that problem a bit, because because it is sold in powder form, you can easily put a jar of Greens powders in your bag. Then you can add a scoop of Greens powders to your favorite juice or smoothie, even if you are eating out. Every scoop of Greens powders is good for about five servings of vegetables, so you can treat yourself to a lot of extra healthy nutrients at any time of the day.

Of course it is important that if you take Greens powders you also want a healthy diet full of fresh, organic vegetables. If your sickening diet such as soft drinks, cereals, processed foods, fast food, milk, cereal, fried food and snack bars continues to eat then the effect of Greens powders is virtually nil, because your body simply gets too many harmful substances in which the Greens powders do not washed against it.

Why Greens help powders lose weight

Greens powders make you feel fuller for longer and your metabolism becomes more stable. Greens powders also provide your body with all the nutrients that it demands every day, so that you are less likely to suffer from cravings and therefore better able to keep your diet healthy. If you take Greens powders in combination with healthy, balanced meals your body will also be better able to absorb carbohydrates evenly and burn them as energy, and it will have less of a tendency to store them as fat. This ensures that your blood sugar stays in better balance, so you get hungry less quickly. However, Greens powders are not a panacea and do not help you lose weight if you continue to have an unhealthy diet.

How can you get rid of belly fat?

It is important to do abdominal fat burning exercises in addition to abdominal exercises. Exercises that ensure that body fat disappears everywhere on your body. It is important to pay attention to this in order to achieve a good result. Focus on the belly and also pay attention to the other areas of your body. Because you burn fat on your whole body, you will automatically lose fat on your stomach.

To burn belly fat you can do different exercises. Let’s go through some of the exercises with you.

Way 1: Get rid of fat by cardio training

First, it is good to do cardio exercises. Think of running, running, walking, rowing, swimming and cycling (also on an exercise bike) to burn fat. Do this a few times a week for half an hour at a not too high heart rate. The higher your heart rate , the more carbohydrates and sugars you will burn. And you want to burn fat! So make sure your heart rate is not too high.

What cardio trainings can you do?

Exercise bike
Jumping rope
Cycling and cycling
Roller skating

All these exercises will help you burn fat . As a result, you will naturally also have less belly fat. Training the abdominal fat with cardio training is a good idea.

Way 2: Get rid of belly fat through interval training

You can also opt for an interval training to burn more calories and fats. For example, you run hard (or go rowing or swimming or cycling) and do this for five minutes. After this, you sprint for 20 seconds and you take it easy for 10 seconds to start sprinting again. It is very intensive and will ensure that you get more endurance and also burn more fats. However, build this up slowly. This keeps it nice and you can also keep up with it much better.

Way 3: Get rid of belly fat by strength training

If you want a thinner stomach, it is important to grow more muscle mass . And the best you can train the large muscle groups of your body. Think of the leg muscles. By training the largest muscle groups more muscle mass is created. And more muscle mass means that you will burn more calories . Even if you do not exercise and do not move, you will burn calories.

More strength training means training off the belly fat. Firstly when you do the exercises and then also because of the larger muscle mass that develops. An additional advantage is that you will feel excellent after training.

Way 4: Get rid of belly fat with Intermittent Exercises

When burning belly fat you can do High intensity Intermittent Exercises . In short, it involves high intensity exercises with an interval. In Japan, it has been discovered that training with an interval at a high intensity will yield more results. In this way more fat is burned and the oxygen uptake is increased. The metabolism rises for the next 24 hours. The muscles work on the recovery of the body and provide for the supplementing of the energy level of the body. In addition to these exercises, you can do excellent cardio exercises and strength training.

Way 5: Get rid of belly fat with the Kettlebell

An excellent way to get rid of belly fat is by ensuring a good ratio of all hormones in your body. By making more growth hormones in your body you will burn more fats. During your sleep you make growth hormones. Even with the right combination of sets, repetitions and rest, the body will produce growth hormones . It is therefore good to stimulate the production of growth hormones so as to lose fat (and belly fat).

A Kettlebell workout is an excellent way to create more growth hormones. It helps you to lose weight in an easy and simple way. It has been studied in America that exercising with Kettlebell for 20 minutes is more effective to burn fat than running for an hour and doing weight training in a gym. And this is because through the combination of exercises with a Kettlebell you create more growth hormones.

It is important to do the right exercises in the right order. It is also important to do the training with the Kettlebell at the right interval with sufficient sets. Through a constant variation of exercises new training incentives arise. It is important to always keep moving forward. After six workouts your body is already getting used to the training. And then it is difficult to get windshield. By ensuring different exercises it is possible to get maximum belly fat. The abdominal fat burning exercises with the kettlebell must therefore provide sufficient variation to get stimuli.

Fit For A Prick

Being fit and keeping your body in great condition can be extremely pricey, however likewise very inexpensive. Those who handle it wisely can conserve a great deal of money and stay very fit at the same time!

We all wish to remain fit. But a flat stomach does not need to mean a flat bag.

Using the municipal deal = saving cash

Usage as much as possible the (inexpensive) sports offer of your town. Go cutting on the Fit-O-Meter, operated on the community sports field or swim laps in the general public swimming pool. The majority of swimming pools also deal with subscriptions, discount cards and discount rates. Another way to conserve loan!

Conserve money by exercising in the house

Gymnastics in a fitness center is enjoyable, however it will cost you several hundred euros a year. Which while you might also remain healthy and fit by investing your time on a physical fitness DVD. The purchase of such a DVD will just cost you a portion of a fitness plan. Also with a skipping rope, a hoop and dumbbells made from filled plastic bottles you can work at house on your fitness. An additional advantage: you do not lose time and loan on journeys to the fitness center!

Step you fit!

Steps are continuously being made, normally without you knowing it. A pedometer, likewise called pedometer, inspires you day after day to step additional. Even if you do a (free!) Walk, it is nice to understand what does it cost? distance you have actually covered. A pedometer does not cost a lot of cash at all. Test different models in the shop. Stroll 150 actions through the structure and see how many actions are on the counter. Buy the gadget with a variance of 10 percent or less.

Two in one

Why jog yourself in a costly fitness center on the exercise bike when you can do your shopping by bike? Make workout as much as possible a part of your daily life: go to work or to the station on foot, take the stairs as often as possible instead of the lift, bring Christmas and birthday cards around yourself. It saves you a great deal of money! And you are impressed at how healthy such things make you.

Own provisions suggest substantial cash savings

Resist the temptation of drink and treat vending makers in the sports center. A bottle of water does not appear costly, however prior to you understand it you will spend a great deal of money every year on drinks and sandwiches. You can save a great deal of cash by taking your food and beverages with you. A bottle of water can quickly be filled up on the area under the tap.